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Dr. Rozieta Shaari

Certified Neuro-Semantics &
NLP Trainer

Dr. Rozieta Shaari is a Human Capital Development Expert who has worked with learners of all ages, from pre-school to college students, as well as adults. Her devotion and interest in the field of child psychology and development has led her to do extensive research in this field and eventually steered her toward her present calling - a master instructor in transformational and learning skills programmes for learners. Her skills as a trainer, utilising the proven Accelerated Learning technique, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Subliminal Dynamics has led her to achieve phenomenal results in her learners.

Dr. Rozieta

Her expertise in Neuro and Behavioural Sciences makes her presentation and delivery engaging, impact full and effective. With her experience in psychology, she inspires meaningful and permanent transformation in her learners. Her in-depth knowledge of learning to learn skills empowers participants to become better and more effective individuals.

Her approach of communicating the precept that each individual is special and can make a positive difference in this world has made her devote her entire life to helping her participants become better individuals, achieve excellent result in their vocation, unleash their potential and lead a more balanced life. Since 1990 she has inspired, motivated and touched thousands of children and adults through her talks, seminars, course, personal tutoring, TV & Radio Interviews, writings and coaching.

Ibu Rose, The Family and Love Guru, as she is more popularly now known, also conducts courses for children and adults. She is frequently invited to give talks and seminars on issues relating to human capital development such as Self Empowerment, Leadership, Communication and Relationship as well as Team Building.  She is frequently invited to appear on national television and writes for several magazines.

She is the author of the following books: -
? A Love World (Xlibris, Australia),
? Pebbles In The Pond (Transformation Books, USA),
? Aku Layak Berjaya (Truewealth,),
? Raising Happy Kids (True Wealth),
? 176 Spot On UPSR (Oxford Fajar) &
? Happy Kids (Awesome Books).

Dr. Rozieta holds a PhD in Social Studies and Development and is a Certified Neuro-Semantics and NLP Trainer.